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Your friends aren’t always easy to please, and right now it might be starting to feel like you can never do right in their eyes. But you’re giving too much, working too hard, and caring more than you need to. It’s time to take stock of things. Ask yourself if it’s really worth it to work so hard to read their minds, then do what you want to do. Are these constant power struggles really the way you want to live your life with this person? Get it all out in the open and talk today.

Singles Lovescope

Your particular brand of earthy sex appeal is extra apparent, and you’re ready for romance. Indulge your artistic side with an afternoon visit to a museum or gallery and see what attention you attract.

Couple Lovescope

You’re going to connect with your partner in a surprising way that should reveal quite a bit about how the two of you operate. It’ll be interesting for you to see where it all leads.


Do things really have to be this hard? Is it really necessary? You’re about ready to throw in the towel. In some situations that would make perfect sense, but you’re not at the point where cutting your losses would be a good decision just yet. Hang in there.


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