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Attachments are in the stars at the moment, so who and what are you bonded to? Some new connections (work, community, maybe romantic) are a distinct possibility now, so keep your eyes (and heart) open. Meanwhile, the people, places, and things you hold dear seem extra special, and the alliances you’ve forged are not only really helpful but are also deepening and broadening. Your loyalty is priceless.

Singles Lovescope

Your active energy is flowing freely as today gets moving, so get out there, start moving and go out of your way to meet new cuties. By later today, you need a little downtime to recharge.

Couple Lovescope

Social graces are extremely helpful right about now. Your sweetie pie doesn’t understand how to navigate the current emotional waters, but your unerring inner compass knows just what to do. Exercise your skills.


Exactly how you want to proceed is still a bit fuzzy, but what is crystal clear is that it’s beyond time for you to make a change. Even in your haste, though, you should be careful before signing any documents. Some would be more than happy to take advantage of your eagerness and all the money that goes with it.


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