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You are taking pretty much everything far too seriously right now. Any duties that have passed on to you because someone else dropped the ball are especially powerful in your mind. Remember that you have other responsibilities, though — maybe to a certain loved one who’s been patient and understanding. They’ve done as much as they can to help you get through your work — now is a great time to show them your appreciation!

Singles Lovescope

It’s time to take a gamble on romance! Have you been pinning your hopes on someone who seems like a long shot? Right now the odds are in your favor, so make your move!

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Indulge your love of culture by taking your beloved to your favorite museum. Take fun pictures of the two of you in a sculpture garden. Make their day by sending them the cutest pictures.


Your drive for success has hit some serious potholes. Every vehicle has its limits, and you may find yours soon. On the other hand, if you can handle this rough ride, you can handle anything.


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