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Blessed with a great positive energy, you’ll be spreading joy to everyone you meet. Liberally toss sunny smiles at people: the driver in the car next to you, a stranger on the street, and definitely that grouchy guy in the elevator. By putting happy energy out into the world (even in a tiny way) you’re creating a happier environment. It’s sort of like forming a bubble of joy all around you. It’s easier than it sounds, so give it a try!

Singles Lovescope

Your romantic goals are uppermost in your mind, but the mysterious ways of love almost certainly have other plans for you. Don’t fight it! They’re sure to end up even better than you envisioned.

Couple Lovescope

You’re feeling incredibly efficient right now, and you ought to be able to get plenty done on your own or with your partner. You’ll inspire them to new heights and have plenty of time left over to get cozy.


You need to deal with your attitude. Try looking at making money as a blessing in disguise instead of a curse. After all, if you didn’t have bills to pay, you’d likely never leave the house.


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