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Try not to push too hard today. Your options might all sound terribly tempting, but you can’t do everything you want to do at once. Instead of trying to go in a hundred directions, spinning plates and multitasking your day away, stop, take a breath and give up when you know it’s not worth your energy. It’s more important than ever to pace yourself and understand your limits. There’s nothing wrong with stepping out of the rat race for one day.

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It’s way too easy to be negative with all the troublesome events that pile up every day. The thing is cynicism doesn’t do you any favors. Stash all that pessimism and make a serious effort to see the light.

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Choose your words wisely. If you get in an argument, don’t hit below the belt, no matter how badly you want to kick ’em where it hurts. A few poorly placed comments could end this relationship.


With your funds as they are, it’s not a good day to decide where you want to retire, that’s for sure, but thinking about it might help while away the hours. Go ahead and dream.


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