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Your emotions are unpredictable right now, but not in a volatile way. You’re just not certain of anything, and this wishy-washy frame of mind might be with you for a few days. So any big decisions should probably be put off for a while. Make the calls you need to make to let people know that you’re still not sure which way to go. Taking a long time to make a decision is one thing, but leaving people hanging is another. Seeing both sides can be paralyzing sometimes.

Singles Lovescope

Let them know how you really feel, though not necessarily about them! Let them know about some issue, artist, or unusual idea you’re passionate about. Small talk means slow progress, so think big and share yourself!

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Expression and exploration, two great things that go well together. That’s especially true for the two of you right now. Think of the perfect starting point for your next tandem adventure.


Start embracing reality if you want to control some part of the future. Picking up the pieces is not impossible but it takes learning something new. Instead of resisting, you might as well enjoy it.


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