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Now is definitely not the time to be modest about how great you are! Someone is curious about one of your recent accomplishments, and they want to know more details about how you did what you did. If you downplay everything, you’ll sell yourself short. Be up front and honest about how hard you worked. Don’t worry, it won’t come off as egotistical. It will come off as intelligent. You know how to tell it like it is without coming off as too cocky.

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Getting anything done today might be hard, but stick to it! Make fun plans for later tonight, and make sure you don’t work late — you’ve got amazing (and hot) cosmic energy flowing your way then.

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Preempt a little conflict between the two of you with plenty of communication. Detecting the issue early means you can clear the air before the emotions get too stormy and kiss and make up before the fight’s begun.


If you woke up ready to face just another run of the mill day, hold onto your hat. You’re in for a good time, in the extreme, whether it’s hitting a long-standing goal or hitting the jackpot in a totally random way.


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