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If anyone really and truly has the intuition that psychics pretend they have, it’s you. You’re so good at it, in fact, that you don’t even notice it anymore. So when you run into someone who’s just dying to deliver or accept an apology, make it happen. With things going along this well in your corner of the world, why not do anything at all that makes it go along even better?

Singles Lovescope

Before you send that message, check your motives. Is this someone you really want to know or just a way to pass the time? Stay open to genuine opportunities for romance. Iffy feelings will only complicate matters.

Couple Lovescope

It looks like you may be having some difficulties with your boss, or is it your certain someone who’s trying to tell you what to do? Be aware of the balance of power in all your relationships now.


The electricity is gone. You can’t put your finger on the pulse to save your life. You can hope it comes back, count on it coming back, or let yourself sink into a more relaxed, informal lifestyle. No reason to do something drastic like get all bohemian. Stick to your first two options instead.


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