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You own your future, so you can’t let anyone influence your hopes and wishes or tell you that what you want won’t ever happen. This is a time to marshal your inner strength and stand firm for what you want. An excess of energy could cause you to fly off the handle once or twice today, but no one will be offended by your passion. You have a vision of what you want the next few years of your life to be. Today, go out and start turning that vision into reality.

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Make the most of today — and tonight! It’s vital to recognize your ability to change how things work out for now. If something’s not going your way, make a change. If you’re not having fun, try something new.

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Your partner can learn a lot from observing how you handle yourself in public situations. Lead by example rather than by lecturing, and you’ll see your appreciation and attraction to each other grow.


You’re too sophisticated to fall for any charlatans, but a counterfeit bill or two has filtered through your wallet. Everyone has at least one veil in front of our eyes, and you are no exception. Try to see through it today.


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