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You have an extra strong appreciation of beauty today and could fall into its magnetic field a bit too easily. This is fine if your day is open and you’re looking for something fascinating to keep you occupied. But if you have a full plate, you’d better stay focused on what you’re doing and keep on doing it until it’s done. Then, and only then, can you relax and get lost in a pretty picture, great music, beautiful hiking trail, or the eyes of your sweetheart.

Singles Lovescope

Do something just for you today. Treat yourself to an awesome meal or spoil yourself by purchasing that toy you really don’t need but always drool over. Spend tonight doing whatever you like and get back to the search tomorrow.

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Get things off to a roaring start: Share your thoughts with your darling. Sure, what you have to say is outrageous, but the more they see of it, the more they realize that it makes perfect sense. You’re a trailblazer.


Go ahead, throw the baby out with the bathwater and anything else remotely connected to your financial past, and do it with your usual enthusiasm and high energy. Then sit back and wait for the future.


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