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Just because you feel strongly about something doesn’t mean that all your friends do, too. So if you make a speech about a certain issue or comment on a topic today, you shouldn’t expect everyone to applaud you and shout ‘hear, hear!’ Be ready for some disagreement from the group. Luckily, the debate that ensues will be fun, respectful, and most importantly — educational. The best way to learn more about the people you love is to hear them argue their case.

Singles Lovescope

What becomes of the brokenhearted? Well, they write books, take up French, and meet much more exciting and attractive new admirers, that’s what. Later, you’ll realize your heart wasn’t broken, just dinged.

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Your partner brings a wonderful sense of stability to your life. When you feel secure, you’re more likely to take on bigger challenges. Working together, there’s no limit to what you can do.


Being tight with money is all the rage, and you are a natural at it. You’re even better at being thrifty than you were at being a spendthrift. Too bad it’s just to get by instead of to get ahead, but don’t waste time kicking yourself over being late to the game.


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