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If someone is trying to avoid your questions, you need to start raising a ruckus until they can’t ignore you any more. Stay polite, of course. Good manners really do count in this situation. But don’t let them move past you until they’ve given up the answers you need. It’s important for you to move on with the rest of your life, and that should mean something to them.

Singles Lovescope

When you’re grounded like this, the whole world’s drawn by your gravitational pull. Your admirers or those seeking advice want to be in your very special sphere now.

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It’s time to think about the future. Would you and your sweetie rather have matching luggage or a house to store it in? If you try, you can find frugal ways to celebrate your love and each other.


Changes in your life go deeper than mere business or money. The difference in you is profound. It has to do with generosity versus stinginess or being shallow or deep. Keep them up.


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