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Do you think about work even during your time off? You’re always raring to go. You’re more than willing to do your job, the job of the person next to you, and anything else the powers that be toss your way. Your unique ideas, innate sense of logic, and technological abilities make you a very valuable employee. Whether you’re happy where you are, looking to move up, or need a job, you can succeed.

Singles Lovescope

Pleasure is the name of the game, and you’re the star player. Do what makes you happy and let the rest all fall into place. Your glow makes them want to be near you.

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Splitting hairs isn’t the best exercise for you and your partner. In fact, if you keep at it, you could develop the emotional equivalent of carpal tunnel syndrome. So why not just drop this before it gets to be too much?


Put all of your analytical impulses aside. Since you can’t connect with the money, then connect with people instead. It’s a good day to make plans with friends.


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