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A crazy idea could occur to you today, and it’s wild enough that it just might work! Success isn’t the question. The only question you’ll have is who you’re going to ask to hop on board and go on this adventure with you. This is a prime time to pick someone you’ve been trying to get to know better, especially if they’re a romantic conquest. But it’s also a great day to get back in touch with one of your favorite friends.

Singles Lovescope

Embrace your single status today. Most of all, practice spontaneity. Do something crazy and fun and let your imagination run wild! You don’t have to answer to anyone.

Couple Lovescope

Not everything has to have a purpose. You’ve been so goal driven these days that you’ve forgotten how to have fun in this relationship. Keep the stakes low and you’ll enjoy yourself tremendously.


Don’t plan any long-term stuff based on conversation alone. Look at things extra closely before you commit. It’s your future, and the other side of the desk is ultimately nothing more than a salesman.


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