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A good friend may be going through a life change that has caused you to look at your own life differently. This kind of self-examination is very valuable, but it can also be a bit of a trap. Don’t spend too much time dwelling on the future. It will only isolate you from the here and now. You have to let yourself get caught up in the moment every once in a while. You can’t always be reflective or ponder the ins and outs of what you should do next.

Singles Lovescope

Romantic matters get fuzzy during times like these, and you don’t know which end is up. Just remember that you don’t have to make a decision right away. Wait until the celestial fog clears.

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You may want to avoid conflict in your relationship, but don’t avoid issues that need to be addressed. Pick a relaxed time and let your partner know what’s on your mind. Together you can work it out.


Be prepared for drastic changes. You may find yourself staring at a new career. If you’re not at the point yet where that feels like a relief, then tuck the knowledge that it would be somewhere in the back pocket of your consciousness.


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