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Is someone’s confidence striking you as just a bit too much like arrogance for your tastes? Big personalities are likely to feel just a little too big to you today, so try to avoid the more colorful people if you want to keep your cool. Instead, spend your time with the shy kids in the corner. Not to pull them out of their shell but just to learn by example what it’s like to observe the world from a distance. Being shy has its distinct advantages.

Singles Lovescope

Be on your best behavior today. Someone’s watching and waiting for the opportunity to approach you. When it happens, play it cool. This could be an interesting connection. Keep an open mind.

Couple Lovescope

Take a cue from reality shows and make do around your house with scraps, recycled materials, and found objects. Once you and your partner go green, you’ll find your conscience is lighter (and household costs are cheaper).


Thinking about the big picture might keep your mind off the details, but don’t let yourself ease the pressure too much. The future might look rosy but you still need to stay focused on the present.


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