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You need some time alone to rest, recuperate, and get your act together, more together, that is. Take it right now, because over the next few days you’ll have your hands full with entertaining both familiar loved ones and extending your hand to amazingly interesting new friends. Even if you don’t nap, be sure to at least close your eyes and do some creative visualization.

Singles Lovescope

As the day gets rolling, you’re itching to meet new people. Socializing doesn’t have to wait for special occasions! Chat up the person next to you on the train or introduce yourself to someone next to you in line.

Couple Lovescope

You’re in a good mood, and your partner most likely is as well. It’s a good time to do something special together. Put your heads together and you’ll come up with something unique!


You’ve paid your dues and your progress is being measured not in money but in the lessons you’ve learned. Don’t worry, you can put them to good use getting ahead financially later; for now, appreciate that you no longer judge others harshly.


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