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Both sides of the bed are the wrong side to get up on, and add to that your shoelace will probably break, your car won’t start, or you’ll forget about that important meeting. How do you fix this horrible, no-good, very-bad-day spell? Break your routine. Eat a nice lunch, take a long walk in the park, take the rest of the day off. Calling a friend to vent and laugh might help too.

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If you need today’s situation to be neatly defined or nailed down, you’re sure to be frustrated. If you can only give yourself (and them) a little space, it might turn into something special.

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It’s really not necessarily a bad thing to feel emotionally exposed. Sure, it can be scary. But stare the idea in the eye until it backs down, and then go ahead and feel what it is you feel!


If you think no one can slip a counterfeit by you, think again. Look closely at everything to do with money, because the illusionists don’t stop at the bills. The charlatans themselves are wearing the best costumes of all.


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