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It’s a great day to rediscover an old part of your life. Go digging through old photos, letters, and saved greeting cards. You’ll be struck by how much things have changed and how much they haven’t. Getting back in touch with an old friend, rereading one of your favorite novels, or driving by your old neighborhood will remind you of how much you’ve grown. You knew what to take with you through life, but more importantly, you knew what to leave behind. Soak up the satisfaction.

Singles Lovescope

Someone needs your understanding, but they might not quite deserve your forgiveness yet. There’s nothing wrong with legitimate anger, so don’t pretend you’re fine with the situation.

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It’s not the best day to bond with your partner because you’re thinking and working on different levels today. That doesn’t mean you should throw in the towel, though. Give it a little time.


You can have a good time on a dime, and you’re ready to do just that. If you can wait one more day, you’ll be a dollar richer for it. If not, start your weekend a day early and enjoy.


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