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If you’re dealing with any contracts or other types of legal documents today, you need to be twice as meticulous as usual. Your energy is low right now, and it could be difficult for you to concentrate for any length of time. You run the risk of missing some of the smaller details. Read the fine print very carefully, because it’s there where the big mistakes hide! You might need to take extra time to do a lot of things today, so go slowly.

Singles Lovescope

Everything’s better in pairs today. Ask an office mate to lunch, collaborate with a coworker or workout with a pal. If you’re feeling really crazy, arrange a double date. Even if you’re all just friends, you’ll have a blast.

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Now is the perfect time for the two of you to try something totally different, even radical. You might surprise yourself and your partner with your suggestion, but it should go over well.


Now that the party has died down, you actually have some time to think. In fact, it’s so quiet you can do a bit of intellectualizing. What you think up could be your next potboiler.


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