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There have been a lot of contradictions between what a good friend is promising and what they’re delivering. When you have the opportunity to talk to them alone, you should follow up on a few promises that you feel they did not fulfill. You might be frustrated, and you have every right to show them your patience is running out. But if you’re gentle and compassionate with them, you’ll get a far more effective reaction. And you will pave the way for real progress

Singles Lovescope

Figure out who’s got your back and head out on the town with your gang — to a club, an art opening or whatever suits you and yours. It should embolden you to meet some seriously intriguing new people!

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You may experience resentment over some part of your shared life that feels off-balance to you. It will get better soon, so don’t get into it just yet. If it still feels unfair in a few days, then speak up.


Every draw or advance you get puts you that much further behind. Someday you’ll have an impossible amount of work to do to make up for it all. You may be feeling lucky there is no longer such a thing as a debtor’s prison, but you won’t be able to get away Scott free. Start putting in a hard day’s work before getting a hard day’s pay.


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