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You are loved by friends much more than you might think sometimes. Not everyone is skilled at conveying their emotions and letting you know how important you are to them. Take a stab at improving the emotional communication today by letting dear ones know how much you care about them. Send some messages full of love, and the energy you put out will come right back to you. Prepare yourself for a profound connection.

Singles Lovescope

Your date is not an emotional dumping ground, especially if it’s a first. Don’t think you can’t go deep, as far as feelings are concerned — you can. But be careful how you couch it. There’s a fine line between relating and unloading. And nothing turns another person off like neediness.

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If your partner is acting weird, there might be something more to it than just eccentricity. Question without judgment and you’ll get faster results. Be compassionate.


There is just too much to do to laze around acting selfish, even though you want to. Consider it an investment in the coming week, if not the coming years. Yes, a new relationship will bring in some dividends.


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