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Libra Daily Forecast

Singles Lovescope
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The energy the stars are sending you befits this special day perfectly. You’re ready for fun and celebration surrounding family and friends, and everything has a little extra sparkle to it. If there’s a romantic connection happening in your life, that’ll be extra shiny, too. Get out the camera to document the memories, and don’t forget to spend a few minutes on the phone with those who can’t be there.

Singles Lovescope

Boredom doesn’t become you. You’re hot when you’re active, engaged, and involved with your world and the myriad possibilities (romantic and otherwise) in it. Find new scenes, different activities, and fresh ideas now.

Couple Lovescope

You’re feeling great about where the two of you are as a couple — so be sure to tell Cutie as soon as you can! Find a creative way to express your feelings and you’ll make them swoon.


Romance blossoms when you pour on the charm; don’t bother with the money. This particular hothouse flower responds more to terms of endearment than to cold, hard cash.


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