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You can see the problems at hand clearly, but they are not what you should worry about right now. Whatever issues are right in front of your face are already being dealt with efficiently, and the energy you put toward them today isn’t going to make much of a difference anyway. It’s all the issues that could be coming down the road soon that need your attention the most. You know what you need to do to prepare for them, so do it today. Preparation is crucial.

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You’re butting heads with someone you’d rather be holding hands with. Winning isn’t as important as making a compromise that works for you both. By adapting, you can each get what you want while bringing back the good stuff.

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Okay, slow down. Sure, you look at them all the time, but when was the last time you really regarded them? Use all your senses to pay attention to your partner. Notice the little things, take their hand.


Money is burning a hole in your pocket. You’re ready to rush out to the marketplace and throw your cash at the first vendor you see. Calm down. Spending money in a hurry is about as satisfying as it is sensible.


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