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Thoughts about family could be at the forefront of your mind – either starting a new one or keeping in closer contact with the one you have. If you feel like your career is taking over too much of your free time, today is the day to talk to someone about it. And don’t just complain about it to your friends or co-workers. Make an appointment with the person who can really make the changes that you need. Stand up for yourself. You’re not asking for more than you deserve.

Singles Lovescope

You don’t have to sit there waiting for love to come along. In fact, it’s time you took the lead and got into action. If you can envision your romantic future, share it with someone else. Ask for feedback and find out whether you’re on the right track.

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Your way with words is better than ever, so make an effort to reach out to your partner and share your feelings. Your listening is as good as your talking. Your loved one might need to let something out.


You wouldn’t go on a date looking like you were doing your laundry. So go after making money as if you were prepared for romance. It’s not called dressing for success for nothing.


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