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If you’re dealing with a group of people today, try to push your own agenda a little bit more forcefully than you normally would. Instead of just going along with the crowd, be a little more firm about what you want to do. Being extra insistent enables you to get exactly what you want without annoying anyone or making them feel pressured. Why? Because you have more charm and charisma than the average person.

Singles Lovescope

When it comes to romance, you’ve to get out of the neighborhood and live a little. Today, your energy is perfect for exploring options. It’s time to get a brand-new set, so go looking.

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Issues on the home front require fine-tuning. To intellectual types like you, it’s a no-brainer. To someone like your partner, this situation has many nuances. Speak each other’s language.


It pays to be wary. If someone makes you a bit cagey and distrustful, then you’re right on the money. A scheme is the last thing you should be mistaking for a life preserver. Don’t trust the person throwing it to you.


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