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You’ve gone over the accounts several times and had a friend look at them too. It’s not your imagination. It’s balanced, and you do, indeed, have a little bit left over to play with. What to do? Make this surplus count by sharing it with someone special. What about that person you’ve owed lunch for months now? Or, better still, the person you don’t owe lunch to that you’d just like to spend some time with, pure and simple?

Singles Lovescope

You may have a dangerous side, but you’ve also got an incredibly soft side. Balancing those two is the order of the day. Let someone see all your complexities.

Couple Lovescope

If you’re trying to figure something out, now is the best time to apply yourself to the problem. Maybe sweetie hasn’t yet given you all the information you need, but you’re close.


You’re playing games. Just make sure they’re childish ones and not the angry, adult kind. Negativity will only affect your bottom line for the worse. Make sure you put pleasure on your schedule to lift your mood.


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