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You have always been curious about things that are outside of your own experience, but today that curiosity is driving you to distraction! You need to get involved in something from a different culture today: watch a foreign movie, listen to some music from another country, or get takeout you’ve never had before. Feed yourself figuratively and literally on the expressions, ideas, and food of other cultures and you’ll be extremely satisfied.

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Tension is what’s driving you, or maybe what’s driving you crazy. You can’t control this situation, much as you might like to, but there’s part of you that loves it.

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You’re feeling good today and your sweetie will pick up on it. The two of you are tossing positive energy back and forth and feeding off each other’s good vibrations all day long. Enjoy yourselves!


Yes, things are looking up, but that doesn’t mean you should take your credit card out of the vault. In fact, you might want to consider throwing out the key.


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