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People are much more open to suggestion than you think right now, especially that one friend whose health isn’t what you think it should be. Take a moment today to throw a casual suggestion their way about how they could improve their quality of life or be happier with their body. You’re tactful enough to know how to avoid sounding like you’re lecturing. Just trust that what you say will have the desired impact on this person you care so much about.

Singles Lovescope

When things get tough with someone you’re interested in, you may be tempted to turn around and run in the opposite direction. Next time, try working through the rough spots. When you come out the other side, things may be stronger than they were before.

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You go through a few mood swings today, and you need to be sure you’re honest with yourself and your partner when they come and go. There’s no need to get dramatic!


It’s okay to start a new project before you’ve finished a current one — if you are sure you can stay organized. If things stop making sense, though, you risk going under, so think carefully before you decide.


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