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Answers are easy for you to come by today, in part because you’re listening to others more closely than usual. Paying attention to what’s going on around you does more than entertain you. It will supply you with important lessons that you can apply to your own life. Your ability to read subtle signals will also come in handy today. You could easily gain extra insight into a situation by following your gut and taking a few calculated risks.

Singles Lovescope

Do your relationships reflect the relationship you have with yourself? Your inner standards are quite high, so make sure that you hold others to them if you want to be happy as part of a couple.

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Connect with the world and light up your romance. Your partner could use a pat on the back. Be the one to give it to them.


Everyone needs to tighten their belts. You’ve got your own spending under control, but you’ve got to reign in someone else. Preaching won’t help matters. Continue teaching by example.


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