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The key to financial security right now isn’t learning how to make more money; it’s learning how to better manage what you already have. Invest in an adviser or book that can teach you what you need to know about simple money management. You’ll enjoy learning how many options are out there. Then, reexamine your savings situation and budget. Break down your expenses to find some easy, painless ways to spend less and save a lot more.

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A quick walk, a stretching class, a chair massage. You need to get proactive about personal renewal this afternoon. You want to be as refreshed as you can be when someone turns up the heat tonight.

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You’re feeling great, and are almost certainly driven to take care of any nagging details that have been bugging you lately. Sweetie may or may not be in a position to help, but that won’t matter.


Doing well at work is a healthy ambition, but don’t forget to throw in a bit of fun to keep you well-rounded. A party in the lunchroom won’t cut it. Be open to meeting someone who knows how to liven the place up, and they just may arrive.


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