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Take a second before you act on any of your impulses today. It’s not that your gut is telling you something wrong; it’s just that if you act too quickly right now, you could end up regretting it. Things haven’t completely gelled just yet, and if you jump at something or someone too abruptly, you could create a tense situation. Wait for more information to come in about that job, person, or opportunity. It might be hard to bide your time, but you’ll be glad you did.

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Today, tidy up. Not just your office, closets, and medicine cabinet but a few disorderly attachments as well. Toss them out or give them a second try. Either way, it’s time to pretty up your emotional space.

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You incorrigible flirt, you! Everybody loves your attention and smiles, and the world’s a brighter place with you in it. And you’ve got your steady certain someone to lavish affection on at the end of the day.


Every penny you spend has a ripple effect. Treat all of your purchases as if they were deep and meaningful ones. Today there is no such thing as a casual impulse buy so spend accordingly.


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