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Don’t be surprised if in the middle of a conversation your mind starts to wander today. At first, you might think you’re just entering an introverted phase. But in reality, you might just be bored with the discourse. Getting ideas across by explaining them with words is so uncreative! Try drawing your reply or jotting down a quick poem that expresses what you’re thinking. It’s up to you to push people into communicating in more meaningful ways.

Singles Lovescope

Romance is very much in the stars for the next couple days, so plan accordingly. Even a blind date could turn out great, and you’ll be the star of any sort of social situation.

Couple Lovescope

Make merry mischief with your partner. Seek colorful places and people to spice up your social life (and other areas while you’re at it). Your life as a couple is reinvigorated when you go somewhere new.


A small bill that’s past due can have a huge impact on your life. Spend the day going over all of your financial papers and receipts to make sure you’re not forgetting something. Watch out for one that seems trivial but is not.


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