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Self-discipline is going to be difficult today. There could be temptations and distractions, and you might wonder what could be the harm as you click on a celebrity gossip website or take a three-hour nap. Well, if you take the time to answer that question you’ll know. Start off the day with an eye toward structure. Plan your day out to the minute. Keep busy and you won’t have time to give in to temptation.

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Stick with the positive people today. You need all the positive energy you can get. Let the gossip mongers hang out together. You have better things to do.

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Big ideas and even bigger questions are bouncing around inside your head, especially about your twosome. If you can’t get answers from the usual sources, why not branch out and do some research on your own?


If family and friends are getting in the way of your career, then you’ve got to treat them like oil and water. Don’t let them mix. Consider making money your biggest responsibility today.


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