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This day could offer you a little bit of everything – a little bit of fun, a little bit of work, and even a little bit of romance if you play your cards right! Take a look at your schedule and you’ll be able to get a good idea of what might happen when – except for the romance part. When and if that happens, it could throw you for quite a loop! Be open to hearing new ideas, and get ready to plan an adventure.

Singles Lovescope

In romantic matters, there usually isn’t just one easy answer. It may be hard for you right now if you like things to be printed clearly in black and white. Learn to accept that uncertainty is part of the fun, and try to enjoy the ride.

Couple Lovescope

The feelings between you two sizzle now. You encourage each other to explore places and do things that you would never do on your own. This adventurous energy gives your relationship new impetus.


The ‘all’s fair’ phrase covers only love and war. Life requires balance, even when it comes to money. Don’t pretend you’re not out for gain, but don’t be cut-throat about making a profit either.


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