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There are clues being tossed about you today, but it won’t take long for you to complete the picture and solve the mystery. Try not to laugh when everyone around you is still scratching their head while you’re finishing up early and off to do something more enjoyable. Their problem is that they have fixed ideas about everything. They can’t wrap their mind around the idea that things could be done in a different way. So don’t ever take your open-mindedness for granted. It’s your best tool now.

Singles Lovescope

You could be feeling more adventurous today. Maybe you’re ready to try a new dating app. Of course, you could meet interesting people anywhere you go today!

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Don’t worry about expectations today. You’ll have to blow them off for now. You may need to get your partner to lighten up. Fortunately, that comes easily to you!


Don’t bother trying to communicate. No one will listen. That leaves you with the lion’s share, because no one else is taking your tips seriously. You can believe that when you try the exact same kind of communication another day, those around you will be all ears.


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