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Today, seek a slower pace for your life. It will enable you to have much more fulfilling face-to-face communications. E-mails are efficient and convenient, but the best way to get across a message is still to talk it out in person. Misunderstandings are easier to clear up when you’re looking in someone’s eyes as you explain yourself. A close family member needs your help today but is a bit hesitant to ask. Reach out to them and let them know you’re ready to come to their aid.

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You can confront a romantic problem head-on now, and it’s good for you! Working through it, whether with the person in question or a helpful third party, gets you moving again.

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It’s easy to get so involved in the moment that you don’t see the forest for the trees, but something between the two of you could definitely benefit from a larger view. Step back and take a long look.


The flighty folks are coming out of the woodwork. But are they really fickle and erratic or simply victims of circumstance? If you place your bet on one, you’ll find they’re rather dependable.


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