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It’s not difficult to find something about yourself that you want to improve. Bad habits or a less than totally healthy lifestyle could be getting to you right now. Instead of feeling down on yourself, feel the power you hold. Change is within your grasp, and this is a great starting point for curbing or adjusting your behavior. Find a similarly struggling pal to help you sort things out or join you in your quest. The buddy system can be a powerful tool.

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Harness some of your extreme enthusiasm and direct it in a positive, productive way. What do you want to accomplish first? Your creativity is one of your best assets.

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Remember the thrill of the chase? (It’s okay to forget about the agony of defeat.) It’s time for you and your partner to put a little sizzle in your steak. Flirt with each other. Relive your courtship.


When thinking about cash stops making you feel good, then start looking for other forms of cosmic caresses. Art, concerts, blossoms — these should ease your psychic debt.


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