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You come off as freewheeling and risk-loving, but when it comes right down to it, you’re as bound to duty and responsibility as any of your famously diligent friends. You don’t advertise it for precisely the reason you won’t be happy about letting it show now: Because there’s always someone who wants to put you in a position of authority. At the moment, though, you won’t be upset about that position. Honestly? You may even enjoy it.

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A friend’s flamboyant behavior is beginning to be a problem. It’s difficult to take someone seriously when they act like a bombastic peacock. Keep in mind your friend probably just wants a little attention. Put your peeves aside and hand over the spotlight.

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Feel like you and your partner are on the verge of speeding out of control? Make a concerted effort to hit the brakes. You two are on the right path. Haste doesn’t have to be part of the overall plan.


You know enough to not invest in the first sparkly, shiny opportunity of the day, but you don’t know enough — at least just yet — to decide what to actually do with your money. Keep it in your tight, sweaty fist until you are sure.


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