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You definitely cherish the things and people closest to you. Your pride is so fierce, in fact, that you might get a little too caught up in it from time to time. Right now, as your own pride is running on high, it’s easy to see how you’d defend the people, things and ideals you love with your trademark fierceness. Issuing a warning might be nice, but only if you think it’s merited.

Singles Lovescope

Don’t wait for the perfect opportunity to use that dating app. It may never happen. Acting now could get you closer to finding true love, so steel yourself and go for it!

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You’ve been an enigma lately, and even your sweetheart isn’t sure what’s going on. Show them you’ve got nothing to hide. You can still keep your aura of mystery, but don’t shut them out of your life.


When it comes to money, you can expect the unexpected. But when it comes to friendship, you should know exactly who you can count on. Start planning ahead.


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