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You need to start thinking about long-term things today, both the fun ones and the not so fun ones. Plan ahead for your next vacation and you could get some very good rates on airfare or hotels. Plan ahead for your next career move and you’ll be prepared when an unexpected opportunity presents itself. Despite what one of your fun-loving friends may say, it’s simply not true that acting spontaneously creates a more exciting life. It usually only creates more chaos and stress.

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After a burst of romantic intensity, you’re experiencing something of a hangover. You never thought you’d say it, but this certain someone even seems boring. Is it you? Is it them? That remains to be seen. Some soul-searching will reveal your next move.

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Steering clear of potential interpersonal complications at work takes energy now. Keeping your interactions simple with your certain someone is probably a good idea just to avoid emotional overload.


Ah, the Sunday routine. You slip into it as easily as you slip into your robe and slippers. The more threadbare they are, the more comfortable. You’re enjoying all the things money just can’t buy today. Have fun taking your time with all the cozy little details.


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