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While you’re certainly good at looking at the big picture, that’s no reason to think you aren’t good when it comes to the finishing details. You have an eye for the little things that make a project look not just good but absolutely fantastic. Whether you’re writing a company report or decorating a postmodern mansion, your sense of the aesthetic is a boon for everybody involved.

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Approach your love life in a less direct way — it seems appealing for the time being, for good reason. There’s no need to shout from the rooftops or give too much away, as subtlety is where it’s at!

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Think of your recent choices as interesting and educational. It’s far too soon to judge them as right or wrong. You and your partner have to gather more information before you can take it any further.


You’re not one of the sheep, so why should you invest your money as if you were? Take your independent way to thinking and apply it to everything in your day, including your money. You’ll soon have followers of your own.



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