Daily Forecast Sagittarius 04-13


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Every now and then, the Universe steps in, makes an executive decision, and forces us to take a right when we were absolutely sure we’d be taking a left. This is one of those times, and as sensitive as you are, you’ll realize it as soon as you open your eyes this morning. When you end up someplace you weren’t supposed to be anywhere near, chatting with someone you feel an immediate affinity for, you’ll get it. You were supposed to meet.

Singles Lovescope

If you and you-know-who haven’t spent any social time together yet, maybe it’s time to make that happen. See if they’re up for doing something sometime. Make a plan.

Couple Lovescope

Got some plans with your partner tonight that you’re not that excited about it for some reason? Consider postponing. Whether you’re tired or really need some solo time, the date will be better if it’s later.


You imagined things would only get bigger and better from here on out. Well, from this point that might be a realistic notion. But don’t waste any more time fretting over lost ground.



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