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In the rat race that is your life, you can’t keep looking over your shoulder to see who’s gaining on you. If you focus on what other people are doing, how will you concentrate on your life? Trust that you’re a superstar. Things are well on their way to being successful, and you should feel proud of your progress. The smartest way to compete is not against other people but against yourself.

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Dating takes patience, discipline, and an awesome sense of humor. You’re sure to suffer through some bad dates before you get to the sweet ones, so don’t give up! Think of it as a game show where the grand prize is worth waiting for.

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You need to make the first move this time, even if it feels more fair that your partner acts. You’ve got far more personal energy now, so step up and see if you can get something started.


Don’t wait for things to get extreme before you deal with them. If you’re the type who lets things fester in your personal relationships, that approach could be bleeding over into your financial decision making. Take a hard look at your bills and bank accounts today. Something needs your attention.



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