Daily Forecast Sagittarius 05-23


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You locked eyes with someone recently who you’re going to see again very soon. Are you nervous? Don’t be. They’re more interested in you than you think, although probably not in the way you envision. When it comes to getting to know them better, don’t overdo it. Don’t share everything about yourself in the first minute. Let things unfold slowly and naturally. You should be evaluating them just as much as they’re evaluating you.

Singles Lovescope

Before going out, give yourself a quick boost to get your glow going. A brisk walk around the block or a snappy workout session could do the trick. By the time you’re out there tonight, you should be radiant.

Couple Lovescope

Try to get your partner to make all the calls today, because you just won’t have the energy to make decisions. You’re feeling good, it’s just that you’ll see the upside of pretty much everything.


Some parts of your new budget are fine with you. In fact, you’re embracing your new lifestyle on many levels. But you’re chafing against other parts of it. Instead of letting them drive you crazy, give yourself a temporary reprieve. You can absorb a spending spree as long as you keep it within reason.



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