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You’ve always been practical, and you’re a big fan of routine, comfortable habits, and regularity. You may not be able to count on that, or anything else, for that matter, at least not right now. The Universe has arranged quite the amazing pair of impulsive energies to wreak havoc on anything even remotely resembling plans. It’s okay. Your first glance at a certain person will help you appreciate the finer points of spontaneity right away.

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Your good energy is boosting your allure, so if you put some extra swing in your step and show folks who you really are, you’re nearly irresistible. If you get a funny feeling, go ahead and follow it up!

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Put those practical tendencies aside for now. What you need is a little tenderness, especially when it comes to your relationship. That doesn’t necessarily mean spending tons of cash either. Do something indulgent for yourself.


Give yourself a break, because it’s your last opportunity you’ll have for quite a while. You’re up for the marathon ahead of you, but your body and psyche are in need of a breather. Give the both the entire day to power nap.



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