Daily Forecast Sagittarius 06-07


Sagittarius Daily Forecast

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Let the valuable memories of the help you’ve received in your life inspire you to help other people today. Your selfless nature runs deeper than the people in your life realize, and it’s time for you to let them know how generous you can be. Get involved in a low-profile volunteer activity. It will give you a great sense of accomplishment. Even donating old furniture, clothes, or used books will mean a lot.

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You’re quite amusing — and totally fascinating — but they’re only aspects of your charm. You can also make people feel the same way. Ask big questions and you can find out what makes them tick.

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It’s the perfect time to surprise your partner with something you’d never have the patience to plan for. Go with what your heart tells you. Something big and spontaneous will knock their socks off.


It dawns on you that you are now the de facto leader of your small group. You’re called on for more and more answers every day. If no extra money has been mentioned then it’s time to bring it up yourself. You’re definitely worth it.



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