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Why settle on just one plan for the entire day? There’s no reason to commit yourself to doing one thing in the morning, when as the day moves forward so many other things will pop up as cool possibilities. Keep it loose today, as loose as you can. Being spontaneous is something you are good at, but you haven’t done it in far too long. Get together with a good friend or your partner and toss ideas back and forth about what you want to do. Anything goes!

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You’re in a thrifty mode when it comes to your heart, and don’t let anyone make you feel guilty about it. You usually give until it hurts, so this interlude is only selfish by comparison.

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Life is still good, and you’re itching for a new adventure of some kind. You ought to be able to get your partner excited, so head out and see what you can discover together!


Soon you won’t be able to help but get carried away in the drama around you, but for today you’re not under any obligation to react in any way. Keeping a poker face should be easy for you, since there’s not much going on anyway.



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