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People are looking to you for help figuring out what to do next, and they have put their faith in the right person! You’re organized and as emotionless as a machine today, coolly putting all the pieces exactly where they need to be when they need to be there. Timing is very important right now (perhaps more than ever). You’ll know when to get rid of old, outdated ideas and introduce the new, challenging ones. This leadership role is starting to feel more and more comfortable.

Singles Lovescope

Details won’t really matter on your next date if you’re too stressed to pay attention to the conversation. It’s natural to be nervous about making a good impression, but fretting over all your words keeps you from enjoying the evening.

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Today, instead of having a power struggle with your partner, why not try a power snuggle? It’s like a power nap but a little more active.


Being tight-lipped is your MO, but you are spilling the beans today. Reign in too much of the emotional chatter because it will only lead to more serious lapses in judgment. A good business idea has to remain secret for now.


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