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Listen when that little voice in your head tells you to power through today, and then take action! Work through lunch or stay late to finish up what you need to do. Any further postponement could leave you painted into a corner with no options. You have some nice momentum right now, and you shouldn’t let it go to waste. Sure, you might prefer to take it easy this afternoon, but you really shouldn’t put things off any longer. You’ll sleep better knowing you got everything done.

Singles Lovescope

Race through your day and you’ll never know the romantic treats you’re missing. Try to find time to linger over your coffee instead of getting it to go. Someone great might just catch your eye.

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Others look to you for answers, and so does your partner. So take their requests for help seriously. Your opinion won’t matter if you give it insincerely.


One of a pair won’t make you a profit. You have to find just the right combination — of partners, of ideas, of needs. Once you find it, you won’t have to ask anyone else if they agree with you. You’ll just know. That good feeling confirms success. Don’t move forward without it.


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